The New UNHappy Meal!

It’s time to take a little personal responsibility.  I know that is a bit of a stretch, but this stuff drives me insane.  This portly gentleman pictured to the left is actually a CHILD.  A child presumably with parents.  A child that does not have a valid drivers liscense, a vehicle, or a job.  Yet somehow he managed to weigh in at about twice what he should.  And sad as it is, there are people that want to blame McDonald’s for this.  McDonald’s DID NOT MAKE THIS KID FAT!!  Irresponsible parents that want to pawn off their resposibility on the big bad corporation.  Apparently they are back at it again…… 

Now there is a group that is trying to remove the toys from Happy Meals.  And they have had success in California.  They claim that the toys associate unhealthy food with a reward.  SERIOUSLY?!  Parents have control over where and what their kids eat.  I know that is a scary concept, but it is stil true.  Parents can say NO….or in my mom’s case “we’ll see”…which inevitably meant no.  First they made McDonald’s remove the Super Size option because adults can’t make decisions for themselves, and now they have moved on to kids. 

Now don’t get me wrong.  I know that McDonald’s is unhealthy.  But so is Black Tar Heroin, from what I have heard anyway.  And you would, hopefully, never hear a parent say…I had to give him the heroin because that’s what he wanted.  Yet they are quick to do so when it comes to fast food.  What happened to sitting down and eating dinner as a family.  I know that in today’s world both parents usually work, but then couldn’t they share cooking duties and cut food prep time in half.  That way they coud make McDonald’s a once a week treat like, instead of a staple to keep them from starving to death because mom and dad are too busy.  We are all busy, and raising kids is a HUGE responsibility, but the payoff is pretty HUGE as well. 

Are you really trying to tell me that you are too busy to feed your kids healthy food?  Blame McDonalds?!



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