Tim Collins Baseball Workouts

Tim Collins Baseball Workouts

If you have watched the Royals play this season, lets be honest, you are in the minority.  Having said that, I am kinda fascinated with this Tim Collins kid.  In this era of 6’4″+ 220lb+ prototypical major league pitchers his stature is slight.  The media guide says 5’7″, but somehow I am guessing that is a slight exaggeration.  Luckily for athletes stats don’t play the game.  Tim Collins is a prime example of getting the most out of your body.  He is a prime example of what training hard and training smart will get you.

I love guys like Collins. And I find that you can learn more from the way a player like him trains than studying some genetic freak that could throw 95mph at 12 years old. Studying the workouts of a blue chip athlete may or may not teach you any worthwhile lessons. However, a player like Collins has to train smarter and harder to get where he is. I respect that.

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He has been working with Eric Cressey of Cressey Performance, and their baseball workouts are impressive. Check out this drill. It is a rotational drill with a medicine ball. Watch at how closely it remsembles his throwing motion. Watch how he gets every ounce of force through the ball.

Now check out Tim Collin’s Vertical. At a height of *cough* 5’7″ *cough* he is close to 40″.

Here is the end result of all that work

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