Tim Tebow Football Workout

Tim Tebow Football Workout

“It all starts in the weight room” Tim Tebow on his workout

No matter if you love him or hate him, you HAVE to respect him. Tim Tebow has become one of the most iconic athletes of our time and this is solely because of his drive, determination, and discipline. The Tim Tebow football workout might actually scare some athletes out of what it takes to accomplish your dream. Day in and day out he relentlessly pursues his ultimate goal through hard work and the right training.

Since Tim was in high school he has been bustin’ his ass, watch and see…

As you can see he has been going harder than others, but lets dive into what it is he is actually doing to become the most dominant player that he has become.

At his time at the University of Florida a typical day would look exactly like this…(taken from Mick Marotti, UF Strength Coach)

Speed Drill
-Wall Speed Drills
-Classic Speed Drills
-Resistive Runs
Prehab Stations
-Gute Med
-Squat Progression
Strength Routine
-Glute-Ham Raise
-Calf Raise

This is the type of routine that allowed Tebow to propel himself in the college game and shock scouts at the NFL combine.

When we break down the workout we can see he starts his routine with high intensity speed/plyometric drills, this allows him to focus on training his body at full speed which obviously translates to the field. Next you see he moves into his strength training, following a series of complex movements to push his body under huge amounts of tension . Heavy strength training alone allows him to increase every aspect of his game when performing the right movements. Its simple Power=Force x Velocity, when he increases his strength aka force he in turn increases his power. Power allows him to propel himself downfield, break tackles, and score 57 rushing TDs in college.

Tim Tebow Football Workout

Yes it can be that simple… following the right training program and having a relentless work ethic.

If you need a boost or routine to follow to get you on track to break Tebow’s records check this program out that models the ultimate college football training program…Total Xplosive Training




  1. Nick Outlaw

    Curious to see what his workout now consists of?

  2. Dave

    Very inspiring – so much of success in any area is passion and a lot of work!


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