How Much Does Trent Richardson Bench?

Ok, one of the most important parts of a Trent Richardson workout page is answering the question, “How much does Trent Richardson bench?!”  Obviously, Trent is a BEAST on the field, and he is a BEAST in the weight room as well.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Trent Richardson’s coaches at Alabama limited the poundages that he was allowed to use.  And let’s be honest, a huge bench press isn’t that important to being a great running back.  However, the upper body mass that Trent added from his bench press is like a suit of armor.  He can use that muscle mass to protect himself from the punishment he will receive in the NFL.  So to answer the question, as of right now…

How Much Does Trent Richardson Bench?

475 LBS

When asked about it on the Dan Patrick show, Trent said, “I really can’t tell you the truth because I really don’t know the truth. But I did 475 easy, and they won’t let me go above 475.”  So you can only imagine how much bigger the Trent Richardson bench would be, if his coaches in the NFL let “The Beast” loose in the weight room.

trent richardson bench press

The End Result of the Trent Richardson Bench



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