Trent Richardson is a Freak

Imagine the leader boards in the weight room across the country of every Division I college.  Now let’s imagine combining those to get one big leader board of all the players.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see Trent Richardson at the top of almost each and every one of those boards.  From the power clean to the vertical jump, to the bench press he dominates in the weight room and this is due to the insane Trent Richardson workout.

Ever since he was in high school in north Florida he set the bar to give 100% in each and every workout.  Take a look at some of the plyometric drills he did up hill before his career at Alabama…

This is the same relentless work ethic and drive that allowed Trent to be one of the premier runningbacks for the 2012 draft despite everyone telling him “he’s too short”.

Once getting to Alabama, the hard work didn’t slow down, it only amplified.  He stayed focused on one goal, to become the best runningback in college.  Take a look at what his strength coach Scott Cochran had to say about him and his drive in the weight room…

465 lbs. on bench!!  365 lbs. on clean!! As a Freshman!!!

Man this kid is obviously a freak in the weight room but it’s no surprise to me.  His dedication to the weight room translates directly to his athletic ability.  Anything can be trained and Trent is a prime example.  Do you think he is where he is without the weight room?  Do you think you can get there without a carefully designed training program?

It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication but the good news is it can be done!!  Take it from Trent and step up to the plate.  It’s time you start following a plan that incorporates plyometrics, flexibility, quickness, speed, strength, size, and power all in one.  Total Xplosive Training




  1. tino tenda

    Wow this is what I’ve been looking for ! Any other info you can send please do at my email.

  2. Donell washington

    I like the way trent express his self..i just wanna really kno what do he do to get dat big

  3. jay mclaurin

    Trent is like my role model Im not as good but i determine to be the best and better than him.

  4. shandreika hollins

    im in love with you trent the first time i seeen you when you were taken the young lady out to her prom and plus you said your mom had cancer well i just want you to no that i been praying for you and your mom that god will bless her and heal her cause he is a miracle worker contact me on facebook or twitter shandreikabossladysobad hollins

  5. brody


  6. travis adams

    Been trying to get size n strength to play foot ball this year as a walk on

  7. Samuel R.

    I want to be on the same level your on.



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