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wendler 531

Jim Wendler 531 2nd Edition Released!

After the great success of the Wendler 531, and all the questions that people had for Jim he has finally realease a 2nd Edition. In the first book, he covered all the basics of the program. He kept it very simple, very straightforward in true Wendler style. However, whenever you do that people have tons of questions. After several years worth of “Well what should I do if…” questions, the Wendler 531 2nd Edition is HERE!

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So what has been added in the 2nd edition. Well first of all, in the first edition he laid out some very basic assistance work templates for you to choose from. Of course, that wasn't enough for most people, so he has gone back and laid out all the sets and reps. You should have no more questions about how and when to do assistance work.

The 2nd Edition also covers diet and nutrition tips. Whether you are trying to gain/lose weight, training for size and, or strength he lays out the basic principles. As always this is discussed in a straightforward style without anything complicated. Just the basics because the basics work.

Also with the recent popularity of Crossfit, people wanted to know how you could combine Crossfit with this program. In this portion of the book, he shows you how to add in circuit-style (crossfit) conditioning work without sacrificing your strength gains.

Something even more interesting is that he offers 4 different full body training templates. For those of you that want to squat every day, these templates will answer all your questions. For those of you that have heard of DC Training, Jim also shows you how to add rest/pause training to the Wendler's program. This is a great combination if you are looking to gain size and strength.


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